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Sint Franciscus Gasthuis Rotterdam

The design for the Sint Franciscus Gasthuis, a hospital in Rotterdam, was created by Kraayvanger in collaboration with Hendriks van den Bosch Campman Architecten, the predecessor of our firm of architects, in 1975. The intention at the time was to create a broad substructure housing the public, clinical examination and ambulant functions with a hospital bed tower above. This was a common building model at the time and not just for hospitals. For example, the building occupied by De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam also follows this model.

In 2000, we started work on a multiphase renovation project which ultimately lasted more than 10 years. The main difficulties were that the number of beds had reduced to such an extent that the hospital bed tower had become too large and there was confusion in the area of the hospital entrances with separate entrances for the bed area and the outpatient clinic. The hospital’s aim was to create a more accessible, livelier ground floor area and greater functional diversity (more outpatient treatment and a shift away from clinical care beds to beds in a care hotel).

The appearance of the splendid, modern, white outer façade with its large glazed surfaces, which has become a recognised landmark on Rotterdam’s northern ring road, remains unchanged even though the renovation project involved installing thick insulation in the outer walls, and it continues to proudly radiate all of its bold functionality.
During the renovation project, the different entrances that were in use at the time were replaced by a central main entrance at the front of the building, which provides access to both the hospital and the outpatient clinic. The ground floor now contains a spacious public entrance hall and general facilities and the different departments and wards have been moved to the tower. When the area in front of the hospital was renovated in 2007, an underground car park was constructed in front of the entrance, the access routes were optimised and an attractive forecourt was created. This makes the ground floor, as the public layer, much more attractive, dynamic and lively while at the same time achieving greatly improved orientation and functionality.

In the interior, the departments have been styled using different colour and material concepts. Each department has its own style and furniture so that it is immediately recognisable for visitors and patients. We have used this approach to given a refreshingly new and individual signature and character to the dialysis department, the day treatment area, the operating theatres, the intensive care area, the care hotel, the outpatient clinic, the maternity ward, the neonatal ward, the coronary care unit and the general nursing wards while at the same time bringing the level of equipment and furnishings up to modern medical standards. As a result, the SFG has now become a leading hospital in the Rotterdam area.


Sint Franciscus Gasthuis RotterdamSint Franciscus Gasthuis Rotterdam


Structural Engineering: Aronsohn bv Rotterdam
Interior design: Gortemaker Algra Feenstra
Mechanical/Electrical Engineering: Deerns bv


Kleiweg 500
3045 PM  Rotterdam
The Netherlands


Hospitals, Renovation



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