Heilige Harten Secondary School

This school is located in an elongated area between Onderwijslaan and the Dender river in Ninove, together with several other schools. As this strip is prone to flooding, the new construction is raised approximately 1 meter higher than the existing buildings. Heilig Harten Secundair originated from a monastery with the same name, which is still present on the site. Over the years, expansions have led to an incoherent image with a variety of volumes, architectural styles, and façade openings. Through the "Scholen van Morgen" project, outdated pavilions and temporary classrooms were removed and replaced with permanent new buildings. A green zone has been created on the side of the Dender, enhancing the experience of the river and improving the view from the existing buildings.
Scholen van morgen AG Real Estate COPID
Ninove, België
Education, Secondary education