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UZ Leuven – stage IVb Women- and Child Hospital

Currently in progress is the design work for the Mother and Child Hospital (38.000 m², 200 beds) (IVb). In the project Women- and Child Hospital all facilities regarding women, childbirth and aftercare are bundled in one building. It contains a central entrance hall and outpatient wards on the ground floor, pediatric day clinic on the 2nd floor, maternity wards on de 3rd floor and two storeys pediatric hospital on top of that.

This building will be constructed on top of the underground parking structure. It is designed as a 7 storey urban block with a square floorplan. The centre of the building contains 6 patios to provide daylight into the heart of the hospital. Although a separate entity by itself the building is connected with bridges and tunnels with the rest of the hospital.


Universitaire Ziekenhuizen LeuvenUniversitaire Ziekenhuizen Leuven


In collaboration with AR-TE - STABO


Herestraat 49
3000   Leuven





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