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UZ Leuven – stage IVa Critical Services

Phase IV of the expansion of the University Hospital in Leuven consist of a new building for critical services. Besides this expansion, de Jong Gortmaker Algra was also in charge of other extensions of the hospital: such as realization of the parking lot that began earlier, the designs for the woman and child hospital and a new building for electricity-services.

The office AWG made an urban masterplan for the University Hospital in which several extensions can be realized. The extensions need to be seen as individual buildings in order to make a dense urban texture with streets, squares and gardens. From the first model that is made for the presentation till the realised building components, this approach has been the key. Even the materialization of the buildings has a very urban look.


Universitaire Ziekenhuizen LeuvenUniversitaire Ziekenhuizen Leuven


in collaboration with AR-TE - STABO


Herestraat 49
3000  Leuven





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