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Temporary Intensive Care Units for COVID-19

For several weeks, hospitals are working very hard to fight against COVID-19. In the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the number of corona patients is increasing faster than the number of ICU-beds. Gortemaker Algra Feenstra, in collaboration with Interflow, a subsidiary of the Royal BAM group, has drawn up a plan for the realization of temporary IC-places.

Emergency hospital
Looking at China as an example, where an emergency hospital was set up within 10 days, shouldn’t we do something similar in Europe? We have joined forces with Interflow, a specialized company in prefab and modular construction, validation and maintenance of operating rooms, (temporary) laboratories/cleanrooms and laminar air flow units.

ICU in empty halls
We have developed an IC-unit of 10 IC-beds and supporting functions that can be placed in existing sports and exhibition halls, vacant atria or spaces in or around hospitals within a very short time. The aim is to have this unit produced and built within 3-4 weeks. By specifically considering corona patients, the beds can be set up in one open space and no individual rooms are required. This allows the entire unit to be easily pressurized and medical staff can maintain their protective equipment.

The design
As mentioned, the design includes an IC-unit of 10-IC beds. An open arrangement with nursing stations in the middle provides a good overview. Due to the arrangement of beds, in the event of a possible shortage of respiratory equipment, several patients can be connected to one machine. All support functions are located within the unit, which means that there are very short walking distances for medical staff. Both the supply and removal of goods and waste can be collected through external doors without disrupting the care process.

The entire unit is constructed from prefabricated wall elements of standard sizes. This is necessary to build quickly and cost effectively. Furthermore, the prefabricated elements are largely self-supporting and little additional construction is required. The unit receives its own air treatment for a safe and clean environment.

Call for cooperation
We realize that we only offer a part of the puzzle. That is why we are looking for other parties interested in participating in this initiative. This includes suppliers of medical equipment, other suppliers of furniture, but also healthcare and government institutions. In order to get the entire plan built, an integrated approach will be needed, in which a nearby hospital will play a major role based on their medical responsibility. Despite these challenges, we hope we bring a positive contribution to this larger problem.

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