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St. Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein

The hospital was designed with a comb structure: a central axis with the wings positioned at right angles to the central line. The main entrance of the hospital is located between two of the wings, in the middle of the central axis.

The entrance can be reached both from the western side (public transport, taxis and disabled access) and from the car park on the eastern side (cars, bicycles). The wings, each with four storeys, are as it were mini hospitals within a large complex: for each specialist division, the public services and surgery hours departments are on the ground floor, the personnel spaces, staff functions, laboratories, etc. on the first floor and the in-patient wards on the second and third floors.

The comb structure cannot be infinitely extended to offer additional space for future expansion. As a consequence, a square structure has been proposed, whereby the central axis will be extended to form a square-shaped ring around the central building elements (operating theatre complex and imaging diagnostics). Thanks to the square structure, the building elements can now be approached from the other side, resulting in a reduced sense of encroachment, and maintaining short walking distances. As necessary, space can be created in a new construction unit on the Zuidstedeweg for functions that could be removed from the first floor level. The space freed up in the heart of the hospital by this option could then be allocated to staff facilities. The existing building for the technical service can be included in the plan for expansion of the operating theatre complex. The technical service, together with incoming goods reception and environmental functions will then relocate to a logistic yard site at the junction of the Koekoekslaan and Zuidstedeweg.

The multi-storey car park is located immediately alongside the square, between the hospital and the Hollandse IJssel river.


St. Antonius ZiekenhuisSt. Antonius Ziekenhuis


Structural Engineering: Gortemaker Algra Feenstra
Interior Design: Gortemaker Algra Feenstra


Koekoekslaan 1
3435 CM  Nieuwegein
the Netherlands


Hospitals, Renovation



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