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Rijnveste 1&2 and Parking

Rijnveste 1+2 was delivered in March 2012 and at that moment the biggest psychiatric clinic of The Netherlands. The building is situated near the Academic Hospital of the University of Leiden.

The urban plan of the municipality of Leiden subscribes a closed urban building block for this plot. The power of such an urban form is the duality between the outside and inside of it; a public garden patio and a private garden patio are hidden inside the urban block.

The functional program consists of 23.500 m² gross floor area psychiatry, 10.000m² gross floor area parking garage and 2.500m² gross floor area student housing. The latter will be developed by an external project developer. By a subtle sequence the functional program gradually is integrated inside the urban form by positioning the mere public and low threshold functions, like policlinic functions, close to the entrance and inside the building its heart the mere private functions, like clinical functions.

The architecture is horizontal layered with a subtle play of anthracite brick surfaces laying in the front, shiny metal and glass surfaces laying in the back, lines and shadows. Special public functions like a restaurant or a therapy room are accented in the façade by framing their big floor to floor windows with a red metal frame.


Stichting Rivierduinen


Structural Engineering: Gortemaker Algra Feenstra
Interior design: Gortemaker Algra Feenstra
Mechanical/Electrical Engineering: Halmos Adviseurs BV
Construction Management: Arcadis BV
Landscape Design: Stijlgroep landschap en stedelijke ruimte BV


Sandifortdreef 19
2333 ZZ   Leiden
the Netherlands


Parkings, Psychiatric Centres



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