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Parking garage MCS Amsterdam

A new above ground parking garage was built to serve the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital, Medical Centre Slotervaart and Sanquin blood bank.

Ballast Nedam won the Design & Construct tender in which Gortemaker Algra Feenstra was responsible for the design of the façade. In the image quality plan, also presented by Gortemaker Algra Feenstra, the garage takes a central position. A future pedestrian boulevard, on one side flanked by the parking garage, provides the urban space with a quality boost.

The garage is wrapped in just one material: bamboo.
A border of bamboo bushes forms a green plinth that gives the building a human scale. Cut bamboos, arrayed in varying vertical patterns, create dynamic façades which envelop a volume that floats above this plinth.
Bamboo is a sustainable material. It is strong, it grows fast and turns grey naturally. Bamboe doesn’t need to be painted.

The main staircase is attached to the volume of the garage as a glass box. Its façades consist of sustainable window frames of untreated accoya wood, a softwood that, through modification, achieves the qualities of hardwood.


Ballast Nedam EngineeringBallast Nedam Engineering


Structural Engineering: Ballast Nedam Engineering
Mechanical/Electrical Engineering: Ballast Nedam Engineering
Project Management: Cure + Care Consultancy
Bamboo Supplier: Bamboe Bouw Nederland


1066 EC  Amsterdam
the Netherlands





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