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Hospital Bernhoven

When two hospitals merged in the January 2000, hospital Bernhoven was created. The ‘old’ locations date back to the nineteenth century. The nineteenth-century care consisted of feeding, nourishing, cleaning and spiritually assisting the poor. Now there is a modern hospital in Uden with ample room for professional diagnosis and treatment. The hospital is also focused in every way on the internal processes and the welfare of the people.

An ‘healing environment’ is created by giving patients the freedom of choice between various aspects. They can decide where they stay and eat during the day and they can choose different types of comfortable rooms: guests (patients) can choose a single room or a threebedroom (community), quiet rooms, corner rooms, rooms with glass towards the corridor for contact et cetera. A healing environment is also achieved by means of daylight, different colours and repetition in contrast to alternation in the rooms.

The main design theme is ‘Green Hospital Bernhoven’. The hospital is designed as an urban strip, which clearly differs from the green location of the hospital. As prescribed in the urban plan, the exterior of the strip is made in masonry. The entrance of the hospital is marked by a set of brickwork gates and create a new image in the area.

The inner side of the building has a green and natural character. The north and south façade of the consultation building and the facility building have ivy. The patios and courtyards are clad in wood and contain a lot of greenery. Roof gardens are applied at the intensive Care. The green environment plays an important role; everything contributes to the well-being of the patient.
The flexible and forward-looking design makes most buildings suitable for different functions. The flexible designed outpatient clinic for example, may be changed in the future into an office landscape, which is possible due to the many patios.

Interior concept
The vision of the design theme ´Green Hospital Bernhoven’ sets forth in the interior. It not only connects the hospital with the region, it also has been scientifically proven that ‘nature’ has a positive psychological effect on the well-being of people. The theme varies from greenery on the wall, to literally different shades of green at the treatment building. Another example is the vista from the real natural landscape out of the bedrooms and the application of regional landscape photographs in the consultation area.

Different landscape photos contribute to a distinction between the corridors in color and atmosphere. They provide serenity and distraction, for example while waiting. The minimalistic counters in front of the vivid pictures create a nice contrast. Beautiful details and materials, such as colored glass, steel and a relief in a soft matte coating, contributes to a pleasant and relaxed meeting space. Easy to clean materials with a natural look are applied.

Hospital Bernhoven is the owner of a great art collection. Several pieces are shown in exhibitions, but also at the floors. There has been a continuously search to find the optimal balance between design, clinical and operational requirements in relation to the main theme of the healing environment and the green character.


Ziekenhuis BernhovenZiekenhuis Bernhoven


Structural Engineering: Aronsohn Raadgevende Ingenieurs B.V.
Interior design: Gortemaker Algra Feenstra
Mechanical/Electrical Engineering: Royal Haskoning
Aerial photography: Taco Smits


Nistelrodeseweg 10
5406 PT   Uden
The Netherlands





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