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HMC Antoniushove – Radiotherapy centre West

Radiotherapy centre West is an initiative of the Haaglanden Medical Centre, location Antoniushove. The oncological care of several regional cooperating hospitals is concentrated within the new build radiotherapy centre.  Next tot that the building full fills the wish from patients and staff for an environment with plenty of day light and views to the outside.

A normal design solution for an irradiation chamber is to put it into the ground. This done due the heavy use of concrete, radiation hazards and the sensitivity of the equipment. This design solution leads often to a lack of daylight and view to the outside for patient and staff.

In this new building for Haaglanden MC, six irradiation chambers are placed above ground. By leaving space between the chambers and the roof, the building is flooded with light and views to the outside. The places for rest are placed on the edges of the building with always a view to a green area around the building.
The vertical transportation nodes are also accentuated with the use of roof lights. Inner walls are transparent to not obstruct the sunlight from entering the hallways. To secure the privacy in some cases translucent signing is placed on top of the glazing.

On top of the building a sedum roof is realised, which can be seen from the adjacent bed tower of the hospital but also from the inside of the radiotherapy centre on the office level. The roof supports cooling in the summer and holds water during heavy rain. Another sustainable measure is the adaptive lighting control applied throughout the building.


Haaglanden Medisch Centrum


Construction: Gortemaker Algra Feenstra
Interior: Gortemaker Algra Feenstra
Installations: Valstar Simonis

Ruimtesinbeeld (Rob van Esch)


locatie Antoniushove
Burg. Banninglaan 1
2262 BA   Leidschendam


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