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Óscar Romerocollege

The south side of the Óscar Romerocollege borders on the historical inner city of Dendermonde. The patchwork sequence of courtyards and streets is typical of this location. Two college buildings have already been built. A further two buildings – a tuition building and a sports complex – will be added and are intended to strengthen the school’s identity. We have extended this objective to include a connection to the historic centre. A connection that has been created by blending into the structure of the public spaces. The existing courtyards have been extended to include two new courtyards and a promenade. The four school buildings, each of which has its own individual appearance, create a powerful rhythm on the north side. This is where the main entrance is located. A covered path connects the existing and new buildings and takes the students past the different courtyards, each of which has its own function and identity.

The use of glazed entrance doors makes it possible to continue the route visually through the building. In the heart of the building, the route opens onto a double-height space where a continuous staircase links all of the layers. An attractive route that takes you up past all of the floors and treats you to continuously changing views of the building and the outside world as your journey progresses. The landings on each of the floors have been enlarged to include study areas close to the glazed façade. The flexible layout makes it possible to open up classrooms in the future in order to create more study areas for competence-based education.
The rhythm of the buildings with their individual signatures, the patchwork sequence of different courtyards that each have their own character, and the covered path and play area as the connecting element, all contribute to an authentic campus ambiance.


DBFM Scholen van Morgen NV Brussel (afgevaardigd bouwheer) · AG Real Estate (gedelegeerd opdrachtgever) · Gemeente Dendermonde (inrichtende macht en opdrachtgever)Scholen van morgen AG Real Estate COPID


Structural Engineering: STABO
Mechanical/Electrical Engineering: STABO


Kerkstraat 60
9200   Dendermonde


Secondary Education



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