Canisius-Wilhelmina Hospital

The Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital (CWZ) in Nijmegen has been expanded with an Emergency Square and a Radiotherapy department from Radboudumc. At the new location of the Emergency Square, various services for emergency medical care are established, such as the emergency department, the general practitioner post, the dental service, the NEO birth center, and the pharmacy service. This concentration of emergency services offers numerous advantages. It allows healthcare providers from different disciplines to easily consult with each other and swiftly transfer patient care as needed. The presence of a pharmacy service also enables visitors to collect their medications on-site. The CWZ emergency department at this location is equipped with single-patient admission rooms, providing patients with more privacy. Additionally, X-rays can be taken using their own radiological facilities.
CWZ Nijmegen
Nijmegen, Nederland
Healthcare, Radiotherapie, Ziekenhuizen