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Gortemaker Algra Feenstra is a multidisciplinary design firm. With architects, interior designers, and structural and design engineers we create innovative architecture in project teams.

The office has been in existence for seventy years and has been active in the social sectors of education and healthcare for fifty years. There is no shortage of experience. Nevertheless, the average age of the staff is low. This is due to the firm constantly offering opportunities to young people to develop themselves further. There is a combined benefit from the firms’ extensive experience and their youthful enthusiasm and their creativity. Employees are continuously given additional training within the company. We employ a senior-junior system in which every young employee has an experienced mentor within the agency. The mentor’s task is to guide the young employee’s career and to ensure that the necessary training, internal or external, is offered.

The company has seven design studios with an average of four designers led by a senior architect and seven project groups with an average of six people led by a project manager. These small teams are fully geared towards each other and have a logical distribution of tasks that helps the efficiency and planning of a project. Employees have a large degree of personal responsibility. They can make decisions and take action independently. This strengthens the company as a whole and also makes the work more enjoyable. In addition, in order to prevent mistakes arising or business processes being corrupted, everyone is obliged to have his work initialed by his superior. This ‘double check’ prevents errors in budgets, planning, draughts and our design models.