Architecture isn't just about buildings, it's also about the people

Memories fade, but sometimes just a scent can be enough to suddenly rediscover a magical moment, forget about the future, and cherish beautiful memories. Why would architects be talking about scent?

Designing with the client

Vision is the dominant sense for approximately 60% of people. Looking at the daily barrage on our visual senses this could hardly be called a surprising statistic. The dominant sense is a preference, certainly not an identity. It is the combination of all of our senses that provides our brain with the ability to form a complete picture.

How we perceive the environment, not just by seeing, is what fascinates us. Activating, moving and challenging the users of a living environment is what we’re aiming to achieve. Creating designs that match peoples’ living environments. Designing through research in which we go beyond what’s expected, not just working for clients, we’d rather work with them; users as designers. We aren’t product designers, we’re effect designers. Together with our clients we aim to create an effect that changes and improves the use and the experience of a building.

Designing this effect is what drives us. Making people view things differently is what fascinates us.

The question behind the question

We don’t just design the spatial context. We take up the challenge, together with the client, to change organisations and mindsets. We change the way people look at an assignment. Gortemaker Algra Feenstra is like a spider in a web which connects everyone involved to each other. We’re looking for the question behind the question and challenge users to think far ahead into the future.

Designing this effect is what drives us. Making people view things differently is what fascinates us. Sensory stimuli are our tools to accomplish that.

SAS Dendermonde

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Designing the effect

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